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When classical music breaks free!
Quand la musique classique se déchaîne!
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When classical music breaks free
Classical music, slapstick and clownery of the highest order, poetry and acrobatic thrills and spills …

In ten years of congenial collaboration, musicians and comedy artists thomas & lorenzo have delightfully mixed all manner of theatrical styles, and several languages to boot, to produce a wonderfully entertaining mélange, served up with finesse and much charm to their public’s delight. They occasion pleasure and merriment to sparkle in the eyes of every member of the audience.
Through laughter and emotions, they open up the classical repertoire to everyone, whether they are classical music aficionados or not.

  • 2014 "Golden Gander" for the best music production at the European Festival of Humour and Satire in Kremnica - Slovakia
  • Grand prix 2012 du Féstival de l'art burlesque à Saint-Etienne-F
  • grand succès au Féstival d'Avignon OFF 2007 et 2008

    Lorenzo with new solo-programm: "SAND-ART"