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When classical music breaks free!
Quand la musique classique se déchaîne!
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Smoking Chopin is a musical comedy devised and written by a range of contemporary theatrical artists based in Switzerland. This production is a kaleidoscope of slapstick and buffoonery, musical virtuosity, surprising acrobatics, and offbeat comic situations. With a cheeky gleam in their eyes, and with real musical flair, this likeable comic pair, thomas & lorenzo, seduce their audience into laughing heartily - and genuinely.

The renowned Swiss clown Dimitri
‘I haven’t seen such funny and intelligent buffoonery, and realized with such consummate skill, for a long time.’

Alexander Pereira , director of the Zurich Opera
‘Besides your musicality and your comic talent, we really appreciated your powers of observation, and your ability to reveal the small human foibles in an affection-ate manner, translating them into situ-ational comedy and burlesque'

Luzerner Zeitung-Switzerland
'A truly delicious piece for people who’d rather not be too grave about classical music. A bril-liant collection of sketches.'